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back to work October 24, 2010

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Tomorrow I’m back to work.  It’s just a temporary assignment (2-4 weeks) but that’s 2-4 weeks of paychecks that I wouldn’t have, so I’ll take it.  It’s going to be a big change though.  It’s going to be a change to go to bed earlier and get up earlier.  It’s going to be a change to drive an hour to work and an hour home.  It’s going to be a change for Lexi to be back in daycare.  I’m sure the first couple of days are going to be hard for her.  She’s going to be back around people that she doesn’t really know.  But, she has always adjusted relatively well to change, so I’m sure in a day or 2 she will be fine.  She’s gone to this daycare before so she does know the kids and adults, so that’s reassuring.  I’m excited to be back out and doing something.

Speaking of Lexi, she’s so amazing!  I swear she does or says something new everyday!  Last night she successfully pointed to eyes, ears, nose, mouth, belly, and toes when I asked her where they were.  She knows that a cow says moo, a dog says woof, and a duck says quack.  Her new love is her baby dolls.  She discovered that she has several baby dolls and she loves to carry them around and give them kisses, with a big smack!  She has also found a love for sweeping the floor with the Swiffer sweeper.  I don’t know where she got thbe cleanliness from, but she seems to be a clean freak.  She’s very independent, but loves her family so much.  She goes to bed drowsy, but awake, after sitting on my lap for 30 minutes or so, just relaxing.  She sleeps in her bed all night, with the occassional whine, which I think is just to see if mom and dad will come check on her.  This weekend after watching her 2 year old twin cousins climb up into the rocking chair by themselves, she decided she could do that also.  Here comes the climbing phase.    We finally found her a cute ladybug costume for Halloween and I can’t wait to see her in it!  She also had her first professional photo shoot last weekend!  You see, we took her when she was 3 months old to get her pictures done at Sears, and she screamed the entire time.  I left there so upset with my colicky, screaming baby and never tried it again.  There was no lack of pictures though…I just took them all myself.  So, I will leave you with a preview of Lexi’s proofs.


Bad blogger May 31, 2010

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I’ve been a bad blogger. Well actually, I’ve never been a good blogger. I want my blog to be witty and charming. Filled with funny things that happen to me and the amazing stories of my life. But it becomes appallingly obvious with each post that I will never be a journalist!
So what’s been up with us?
I got a job a couple weeks ago. I work for a place called zanybandz. I basically do office stuff and answer the phone. It’s crazy to say, but I really love it. I wake up almost every morning before my alarm goes off and jump out of bed. I don’t know if that’s something that will wear off eventually, but for right now, I’m loving it! I don’t think I’ve actually ever had a job that I really loved. Maybe that’s why they never worked out. Considering the fact that this job is based on the current trend of silicone bracelets, I know it won’t last forever. I am trying to make myself a valued employee though, so that maybe when this fad ends and my bosses move on to what’s next, they will consider taking me with them.
Me working means Lexi started daycare. She had a hard time adjusting the first couple days, and has already been sick twice since starting. We’re talking about a child who was sick 2 times in her entire first year of life. The first time she had a stomach virus, that Jacob and I both ended up also getting. Now she has been running a fever, runny nose, cough, all that good stuff. We spent 3 hrs at the pediatric urgent care yesterday trying to figure out what’s wrong with her. They said it’s just a cold, that might turn into an ear infection, but for now her ears looked good. She got a prescription for steroids to take for 3 days because the dr didn’t like the way her breathing sounded. The dr was nice, but I will not be going back there. It took way too long and once we finally got back to a room it was horrible. First the scale wouldn’t work, and we had to keep taking Lexi on and off of it. She was feeling like crap and screaming her head off. Then they tried to take her pulse ox…with an adult pulse ox machine. Like, the little thing you slip on your finger. Well, they were putting it on her foot and squeezing and twisting her foot to try to get it to work. She’s literally losing her mind. The nurse finally went and got a kid’s pulse ox machine, but she still couldn’t make it work. Finally a different nurse came in and made it work. Geez! I felt so sorry for her! But the time that ordeal was over she sat in Jacob’s lap and fell asleep until the dr came in. When we got home from urgent care her fever was up to 103.4. I felt horrible for her. Jacob and I took turns holding her pretty much the rest of the day yesterday. Her fever came down around bed time and stayed down all night, but went back up this morning to around 102. She’s felt ok the rest of the day, so hopefully she’s getting over it now…but of course Jacob and I are both feeling sickly now.
I have an appt. with the psychiatrist tomorrow. I’m hoping to make it just a quick trip to get refills on my meds. I’m really feeling great. Getting a job has helped my spirits so much.
Well, I guess that abouts sums up what’s been going on lately!