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#mamavation monday-week 2 July 31, 2010

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I’m doing my post now because weekday blogging doesn’t always happen for me.

Well, Week 1 didn’t go as well as I would have liked it to.  After being so enthusiastic last weekend, it kinda went downhill.  My treadmill is outside and it’s like a million degrees in Oklahoma right now, even when the sun goes down.  So, it was really hard to go outside and run.  I know that’s not a good excuse, but I’m using it anyway.  I also made the mistake of thinking I could drink the tap water at work!  GROSS!  So this week I bought my own package of bottled water to take to work with me.  Last excuse…since Thursday I’ve been overwhelmed with some kind of allergic reaction.  It started out with 1 quarter sized welt on my left thigh.  By Friday morning I had over 20 on each leg.  This morning I wake up and it’s 10 times worse, itching like crazy…huge welts.  I have a few on my lower legs now, and tonight I’ve gotten about 10 on my left arm/shoulder area. 

So, I’m going to extend the same goals for next week:

drink more water

exercise daily

eat healthier foods

Needless to say, no weight loss this week, but I also didn’t have a gain.


weight loss January 12, 2010

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In the past year, my younger sister has lost over 100 pounds. Here’s her blog:

Holy Shit…I wish she would post some before and after pictures of herself so you can all see how awesome she looks! Now, if I could take some of her motivation and make it work for myself. But, I’m lacking in the motivation department. I can’t seem to make myself eat healthy and work out consistently. My life is full of tons of excuses that I’m not going to torture you with…but I’ll just say that I need to make some changes. I don’t know what to do to make the changes though. It’s like a constant circle of needing to make changes, but not doing anything to make the changes. Someone help!