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Attack of the screamer November 23, 2009

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Background info:  Lexi had colic…BAD when she was little.  Nothing helped her to stop crying.  We could hold her, rock her, walk with her, drive with her…all she did was scream!  We finally switched to Nutramigen formula and it helped tremendously with the combination of that and Zantac for reflux.  It was like having a whole different child!


Back to now: We spent the weekend away from home, visiting Jacob’s grandparents.  For the post part Lexi was a dream baby.  However, Saturday night you would have thought she had colic again.  She would scream as soon as we laid her down in bed, even though she was sound asleep seconds before.  Then she woke up super early Sunday morning, thus making her in a realtively bad mood all day.  I’m thinking she would be so exhausted and sleep great last night…not the case.  As soon as I laid her down she woke up screaming.  Jacob held her for a while and got her back to sleep.  She slept until 5.  I got up and fed her and laid her down…repeat of when I put her down last night.  Jacob got up and got her calmed back down and she slept until 8 or so. 

What does dr mom think is wrong?  I think it’s a combination of things. 1) We got out of our routine this weekend.  Lexi has never enjoyed being out of the house, she’s gotten more used to it lately.  But she will always be better behaved at home than somewhere else. 2)We have stopped Zantac because she should be grown out of the reflux stage.  3)We are trying to switch from Nutramigen to Goodstart formula. 4)She’s possibly teething.

For all I know it’s probably ALL of those things that are making her miserable.  I was only able to get .51 miles on the treadmill this morning before she was literally losing her mind in here.  She’s been asleep on my lap for 20 minutes or so.  I know as soon as I put her down she’ll wake up.  But, she really needs a nap…so here I sit!


Baby Products Review part 2 November 20, 2009

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Part 2 of the baby product reviews.  Most of these are for 6 months and up…but some of them will fall into the gap between 3-6 months.

Exersaucer: We had one given to us.  It is the Baby Einstein’s one.  Lexi loves it.  It is the thing that is most entertaining to her.  She will play with it the longest out of anything.




Kick n Drive: Made by Fisher Price.  Lexi had this before the exersaucer.  It was great because all she had to do was kick her feet to make the lights come on and the music play.  Once she got a little older she realized it also had toys up top that she could pull to make the lights and music come on.


Teething Tablets/Drops: Most of these products are homeopathic, so there is no worry about what your baby in ingesting.  The teething tablets worked great, but are kind of hard to make sure they stay at the front of the mouth and don’t get swallowed whole.  The drops were great for times when she didn’t want me to hold my finger in her mouth to rub orajel on there.

Dex Babyfood Processor:  This is the food processor I bought to make babyfood.  I absolutely love it.  It works wonderfully.  As long as you have the right amount of liquid in the container it works great.  It’s super fast.  I like the fact that it’s a small container so it’s easier to scrape everything out of it and clean it up.




Gerber baby spoons:  I prefer the ones that turn white when they get too hot.  Just so you don’t burn baby’s mouth after microwaving something.  I bought some other “Munchkin” brand spoons.  They are too deep so Lexi can’t get everything out of them. Now that she is older (9 months) they are a lot better. She has more control over her top lip, so she can use it to scrape the food out of the spoon. I actually have bought a second package of 6 to have!



Bumbo:  We love our bumbo seat!  Lexi was pretty small when she first started sitting in it.  It gave the alternative for her to have somewhere to sit up instead of laying on the floor or in the bouncy seat.  Now that she’s a little bigger we take it with us when we go out to eat.  We just sit her in it right there on the table.  She can eat or play with her toys, and it keeps her way more satisfied than if she was sitting in the carseat the whole time.


Toys: Toys are kinda up to your own taste.  Lexi has just now gotten interested in toys.  She will play with “link a doos” all day long.  She has a couple of rattles that she really likes.  She enjoys anything she can get in her mouth.  While playing with her cousins this week I discovered they had a ball that had lights and music that she really liked.  She played on her belly for a long time just staring at it.  So, that will be something I will have to look into.

Jumper: We’re still looking into what kind of jumper we want to get.  There is the type that you hang in the doorway or the separate ones that are about the size of an exersaucer.  We’ll probably be leaning towards the doorway one because we have a limited amount of space here.  But, it will all depend on how hard it is to take it on and off the doorway.

Highchair:  Once again, this all depends on your taste.  Lexi does fine for the most part eating in her bouncy seat or the bumbo seat.  We do have a highchair.  It’s just one that hooks onto your regular dining room chair.  I opted for that vs a stand alone high chair because of the lack of space here.  We have used the highchair a few times and Lexi likes it fine.  It sits quite a bit higher than our other chairs though, so I have to hold my arm up really high to feed her while she’s in it.  So, most of the time I just feed her in the bouncy seat.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now.  If I think of anything else I’ll be sure to update!  I hope these are helpful tips for you all!

edit: I added some pics to help show what I’m talking about.