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Urgent Prayer Request December 1, 2010

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I don’t normally do this, but I’m sending out an urgent prayer request.

A young couple from my hometown was expecting their first baby soon.  Today the mom was driving when someone ran a stop sign and broadsided her car on the passenger side.  They rushed her to the hospital and did an emergency c-section.  The baby was not breathing when they delivered him.  They did CPR and took him to the NICU.

The next 72 hours are critical for the baby.  When the wreck happened the mother’s placenta abrupted.  So the baby was without oxygen from that time until they delivered him.  He is in the critical care NICU at a really good hospital.  I know he is in good hands there.  But, I’m asking everyone pray for this young family.  This is not how they expected their first child’s birthday to come about. 

Please pray!  Please tell your friends to pray!

I thank you, and the family thanks you!


Hope January 25, 2010

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I never knew about Anissa Mayhew until all the twitter chat after her stroke. But, since then I’ve been reading her blog, being kept up by her husband, and just being amazed at how God is working!
She is well on the road to recovery and will be home soon. They are trying to get volunteers lined up to stay with her during the day while her husband is at work and kids are at school. I so wish I lived near her. I long to help this person that I’ve never met. But, I guess my prayers will have to suffice.


at a loss November 29, 2009

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What do you do when a friend loses a child? Not just any child, but a 3 week old child. I just found out that my friend and his wife lost their son today.

They don’t have a phone, I don’t know where they live, and I have no way of getting in touch with them. My heart is breaking right now. I’m doing everything I can to find some way of figuring out where they are. I can’t offer much. But, I can be a shoulder to cry on.

Last week she knocked on my door asking to borrow formula. She had missed her WIC appointment and needed just a scoop to get her by. I had a whole can that Lexi couldn’t use, so I gave it to her. That was just last week…and now her arms are empty. She has no baby to feed.

I’ve experienced miscarriage, 3 times. That’s the worst pain I’ve ever been through. And I know it’s nothing compared to what these parents are going through.

Tonight I held Lexi a little tighter, kissed her cheek a few more times, and said an extra I love you as I tucked her into bed. These parents won’t have that opportunity tonight. I don’t think my life would go on without Lexi. And I don’t know how these parents will get up every day and go on with their lives. Right now all I know is that they need love and support.

Please pray!! Right now it’s all they have!