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Project 365 February 9, 2011

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I can’t keep up with Project 365 anymore!  😦 


32, 33, 34 February 4, 2011

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Days 29, 30, 31 January 31, 2011

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Project 365:


About Oklahoma and anti-abortion April 29, 2010

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With all the talk of the new Bill we just passed I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put in my 2 cents…as if anyone cares. So, here’s what I think:
I know we voted our representatives into office, trusting them to do what’s best for us, but a part of me still doesn’t like reading an article that opens with “Oklahomans decided” when really I (or anyone else) didn’t have a vote or an opinion in this matter. The Governor doesn’t even like the Bill.

I believe that if you know and trust your dr, then you will get the 100% full truth at all times. If you don’t trust your dr with the health of you and your unborn baby, then you shouldn’t be seeing them in the first place. There are plenty of OB’s in the state of Oklahoma. I’ve met some shady ones, but I’ve also found a great one that I trust. I know, 1 bad apple spoils the whole batch…but just because someone CAN without information doesn’t mean they will.

I believe that women deserve to know everything there is to know about their unborn baby.

But, here’s the big BUT,
I am PRO-LIFE. I have been for many many years, and it’s something I feel very strongly about. My husband and I have had several arguments on the subject because he is pro-choice. I didn’t have any of the Down’s Syndrome testing done when I was pregnant. I had my regular ultrasounds and dr’s visits that’s all. I didn’t want to know. It wouldn’t have changed the fact that I was going to have a baby. I wouldn’t have decided to abort if I knew there was something wrong.

Oklahoma is smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt. So, of course abortion is always going to be a huge argument here.

Part of my reasoning is that everything happens for a reason. With my 3 miscarriages I told myself that something had to have been wrong. It wasn’t in God’s perfect plan. I still believe that to be true. Without those 3 miscarriages I wouldn’t have my sweet Lexi who lights up my life every single day.

I don’t want to start a whole pro-life/pro-choice debate. I just wanted to state my opinion. Thanks for reading!