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#Mamavation Monday September 27, 2010

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Weight: 203.6  That officially puts me down 6.4 pounds!

After moving and all the craziness that came along with that, I finally got back on the treadmill yesterday.  Surprisingly I was able to jog half a mile in about 8 minutes!  I’m dealing with some major anxiety issues tonight so I wasn’t able to get back on.  But I WILL get on tomorrow!  I promise! 

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My goals for this week are the same:  eat consciously, don’t eat when I’m not hungry…and get up and do something!

Thanks to everyone who has given me support the past few weeks when I’ve been down.  I’m trying to repay everyone!

I do have limited internet time, and don’t have internet on my phone…so if I miss #mamavation tweets I’m sorry!  I try to RT and give support when I can!


#Mamavation Monday 9/20/10 September 20, 2010

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First a little update:   I didn’t blog last week because we moved.  We moved in with my parents for a while until we can get back on our feet.  I’m still searching for a job, but am enjoying my time at home with Lexi again.

Scale udpate:  I guess I’ll go with this morning’s weight…204.8.  Not too happy about that, considering at one time during the week it was down to 202.8.  But, I didn’t really do any exercising last week either.  I MUST get on the treadmill this week.  I was giving myself a week to get into a new routine here at mom’s.  Maybe I can get some time in while Lexi is napping. 

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SOTW is Pamela Kramer!  Congrats lady!

Goals for this week:  Do better about watching what I eat.  Get on the treadmill!

In other news:  Lexi has had a cold/allergies for like 4 days now.  I woke up yesterday with a sore throat.  We are both pretty much miserable.  But she seems to be feeling a little better, and has definately slept better the past couple of nights.  When she first got sick we were up every 20 minutes for several hours during the night because she couldn’t have her binky in, because she couldn’t breath through her nose! 

Like I said, I’m still looking for a job, but the economy is working against me.

Have a great week everyone!


#Mamavation Monday September 6, 2010

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My weight changes every single day.  I know that’s why you’re not supposed to weight everyday, but it’s wierd that it can vary so much from one day to the next.  So, I guess if we go by today’s weight I’m not really down any from last week.

This week has been stressful to say the least.  I got laid off from my job and we made the decision that we’re going to be moving in with my parents for a while.  So, I’m going to be busy packing and moving…maybe I won’t have time to snack and eat unhealthy.  My mom also has a nicer treadmill than me, so maybe I can use it more. 

I did use the treadmill 1 day this week.  My walking/jogging intervals are getting better, even with working out so little. 

I still haven’t bought any soda at the grocery store.  But for some reason I still find it hard to get all my water down. 

I can’t help but thinking maybe this wasn’t for me.  Everyone here is so motivated…and I’ve already talked about my lack of motivation.  But, it just seems like everyone is doing something and I’m not.  Oh well.


#Mamavation Monday Week 6 August 29, 2010

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Well, I ate horrible this week!  I’m having a hard time with peer pressure at work.  When everyone wants to go eat something unhealthy I go along with them so I don’t have to sit at my desk and eat by myself. 

I have still been drinking a ton of water though.

Treadmill is still outside, but it was cool enough in the evening this week that I worked out 2 nights.

Don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I know I’m fat, unhealthy, and unattractive.  But, I still don’t have the motivation or determination to change?  Why?  It’s stupid!

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#Mamavation Monday Week 5 August 22, 2010

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Weight: 205

I think that’s down a pound or two.

Not much to say.

I can’t get motivated to do anything.  Treadmill is still outside, even though I promised myself I would move it in and USE IT this week. 

Week 3 without buying pop though.  I’ve had an occassional soda here and there, but nothing like it used to be.

Still trying to make healthier decisions with meals and snacks.

Depression has been creeping back up so I’m feeling like doo.

Congrats @ShawneeH on being Sista of the Week!  Great job!

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#Mamavation Monday Week 3 August 8, 2010

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Weight: 207

That’s down 3 pounds this week!  I chalk it up to making better eating decisions.  I have really been paying close attention to my body, and when I’m full, I stop eating.  That is a major thing for me.   I love food and I also HATE to waste food, so most of the time I just finish my plate even if I’m full.  I also did pretty well this week with not doing so much boredom eating.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the Mamavation Sistahs who left me encouraging comments on last weeks blog.  It makes it so much easier when you know other people are cheering you on! 

I didn’t do as well on exercise this week (still haven’t moved the treadmill back inside).  Now I have a summer cold  :/ 

We are going grocery shopping tomorrow and I plan on buying no pop.  I still have a few pops here and some at work, but I figure I can kinda wein myself off.  I’m going to buy tea and splenda, and water of course!

I’m going to stick with the same goals: Exercise daily (no limit, just do something), drink more water (and less pop), and eat responsibly.

Go to to learn more about the Mamavation Sistahood!


#mamavation monday-week 2 July 31, 2010

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I’m doing my post now because weekday blogging doesn’t always happen for me.

Well, Week 1 didn’t go as well as I would have liked it to.  After being so enthusiastic last weekend, it kinda went downhill.  My treadmill is outside and it’s like a million degrees in Oklahoma right now, even when the sun goes down.  So, it was really hard to go outside and run.  I know that’s not a good excuse, but I’m using it anyway.  I also made the mistake of thinking I could drink the tap water at work!  GROSS!  So this week I bought my own package of bottled water to take to work with me.  Last excuse…since Thursday I’ve been overwhelmed with some kind of allergic reaction.  It started out with 1 quarter sized welt on my left thigh.  By Friday morning I had over 20 on each leg.  This morning I wake up and it’s 10 times worse, itching like crazy…huge welts.  I have a few on my lower legs now, and tonight I’ve gotten about 10 on my left arm/shoulder area. 

So, I’m going to extend the same goals for next week:

drink more water

exercise daily

eat healthier foods

Needless to say, no weight loss this week, but I also didn’t have a gain.