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Just an update January 14, 2010

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Well, let’s see. Christmas was amazing, as it is every year. But, 2009 was especially amazing. It was Lexi’s first Christmas, and it was a white Christmas in Oklahoma…that rarely happens! I specifically remember one year playing Wiffleball in Grandma Eva’s front yard wearing no coats. It was that same day that we got the ball stuck in a big cedar tree and Zach climbed all the way to the top to get it. It was hilarious seeing his red hair pop out of the top of the tree!
New Year’s Eve was unusual in the fact that we didn’t have something big to do. Lexi and I went and hung out with family for a couple hrs, but got home around 10. When the ball dropped I was the only one awake…so I snuck into Lexi’s room, snapped her first picture of 2010 and gave her a New Year’s kiss.
Since then Lexi is cutting 2 new teeth. They are both on top, but they aren’t “even.” One appears to be a front tooth, but the other one is far enough over that I’m really thinking it’s going to be a canine. She doesn’t let me look in there for very long at a time, so it’s hard to tell. She may have been a little more cranky when she started getting them…but nothing like when she was battling reflux and colic. Since Christmas and New Year’s her schedule is so messed up, and I haven’t been able to get it straightened out. She used to get her bath at 8. Eat a bottle, and usually be asleep by 8:30. Not anymore! She still gets a bath at 8, but then SHE decides if she wants to eat and go to sleep. Sometimes we’re up until 10 or later with her. Thankfully Jacob is really good about taking her during this time so I can go chill in bed and wind down so I can fall asleep at a decent hour. She used to sleep in until around 8. Well, that has changed too. Even though she generally falls asleep later she has been waking up around 6:30. Like, completely wide awake and ready for the day. The first thing I do is try to feed her. Some days she will chug down 6 oz and other days she doesn’t want to eat at all. The next thing I do is lay her back in her bed and turn on her lullaby music, and I go back to bed. Usually she’ll lay in there and play until she falls back asleep. Then she sleeps until around 10. I’m so thankful she has been going back to sleep. I don’t know how I would do if she was getting up that early every day. When she wakes up early she is in a bad mood all day, so am I, and it’s miserable! At her 6 month checkup the dr told me to start feeding her 3 babyfood meals a day, plus she should be eating 28-32oz of formula per day. There was no way I could even get her to eat 3 meals a day…she just wouldn’t do it. Until about a week ago. Then she started wanting to eat more. But, now that she’s eating 3 meals a day she isn’t taking as much formula. She sometimes only eats about 20 oz per day. I’m not really concerned about it, because I can’t make her eat if she doesn’t want to eat. But, I don’t want her weight percentile to go down at her 9 month checkup. She’s 8 months old but still wearing 3-6 month onesies and 6-9 month pants and pj’s. She’s always been about that far behind though. She didn’t start wearing 0-3 month clothes until she was 3 months old. She also has the tiniest feet ever! I picked up a pair of 3-6 month shoes at walmart and they were a good half inch bigger than her feet. She also still has no desire to crawl. I think it’s just because she’s stubborn and wants to do things on her time. She’s been like that from day 1 in the NICU. She didn’t want to stay warm on her own…she didn’t want to gain weight 3 days in a row…etc. Even though there are times when I get frustrated with her, I love her so much. I can’t imagine where my life would be without her. And I can’t believe I lived so many years without her!


Christmas Eve December 24, 2009

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Merry Christmas Eve! Norad has just announced that Santa has made it to North America! Wahoo! I can’t wait until I can help Lexi track Santa on Christmas Eve!

Here’s what we’re dealing with in Oklahoma:

I LOVE the fact that Lexi’s first Christmas is going to be a white Christmas!

But, sitting here right now I’m almost ready to cry! I’m so scared that my family (Mom, Dad, Lisa, Kristin) aren’t going to be able to make it into town for Christmas tomorrow because of the snow that we’ve gotten today/tonight.
Every year growing up we would get up early on Christmas morning. Partly because we wanted to, but partly because Dad had to go to work (he works on a ranch and works pretty much every day of the year.) Then we would go to Grandma Eva’s (Dad’s mom) for lunch and opening more presents. Our family is super close and this is a really special day for us! We’ve never not made it to town, even the year that the whole family was so sick that we could barely sit up. So, I don’t even want to think about it…because I literally will end up crying myself to sleep on Christmas Eve!

I’m going to have to get old pictures scanned into the computer so I can post pictures of our past Christmases!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! If you’re somewhere where the weather is bad…stay safe!


Christmas Eve Eve December 23, 2009

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Several years ago my sisters, cousins, and I started a Christmas Eve Eve tradition. We are a very close family and all the cousins were very close growing up. Now that we’re all growing up and going our own ways we don’t get to spend as much time together as we would like. This day helps bring us back together for the holidays. The first few years were celebrated with some kind of craft. We did ornaments, stockings, shirts, and cookies. Running out of crafts we started doing Murder Mystery Parties! This year we the holidays snuck up on us and we ran out of time to order a new Murder Mystery game. So tonight we will go out to eat, play games, watch TV, and just have fun together. One of the best things is that we will all crash here when the night is done, and when we wake up it will be Christmas Eve! I love my family!


weekend December 21, 2009

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We had a fun weekend. We drove the 4 hrs to Cherokee, OK for my mom’s side of the family Christmas party. Lexi did so good on the long car ride! She slept the majority of the way. She was really good the whole time we were there and even made a trip to sit on Santa’s lap! We drove home yesterday and went to Jacob’s family Christmas Party. Lexi fell asleep right as we started opening gifts. But she woke up to open her gift from Granny. She loved the pretty wrapping paper. Granny got her the Muppet Christmas movie. I don’t know that she’s ever watched the muppets, but she loved holding the DVD case and looking at the pictures on the front! Because she slept so much in the car, she didn’t really want to sleep last night. She woke up several times throughout the night, and then got up for good at 7:30. Today we’re trying to get back to our routine. Mondays are the hardest days for us because we’re coming out of the weekend where she gets held more, etc. For the most part she just wants to sit on my lap and for me to entertain her.
I’m getting so excited for Christmas! It’s Lexi’s first Christmas! I think she’s really going to enjoy unwrapping gifts. And we made it through another Christmas with me not having a job. I’m quite proud of the gifts I bought this year and hope everyone likes them. I’m just like my mom as far as Christmas goes. I want to buy everyone everything, and I love to see them open their gifts.
My favorite part of last night with Jacob’s family was when all the kids started opening their gifts. They were all so excited for each other. There was no jealousy over who got what. They were all truly happy with their gifts and thy were all truly happy for each other! Christmas really makes my heart happy!


Job Search November 24, 2009

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My job search gets more frustrating by the day.  Last year when I was fired the week of Christmas it broke me.  I was pregnant, it was the week of Christmas, and I didn’t know what to do.  Thanks to lots of help from family, Christmas turned out great.  But, never did I think that in a year I would still be looking for a job.  Granted, I haven’t really been looking too hard for the entire year, seeing as how I was pregnant and all.  But, here lately I have really stepped it up because I didn’t want this Christmas to suck.  I waste my time sneding out all these emails to ads on craigslist only to get an automated response leading me to a website that tries to get me to further my education, etc, etc.  It’s so frustrating!  What makes it more frustrating is when I get motivated to get online and search for jobs and Lexi decides that’s the time to throw a major fit!

I guess she got spoiled this weekend at the grandparent’s house…being held practically all the time, her every need was catered to immediately.  Well, we’re back to reality now, where it’s just me and her at home, and when she gets hungry, she has to wait for me to make the bottle.  When she needs something while I’m busy doing something else, she’s going to have to wait.  Well, this isn’t going over too well.  She has decided that when she needs something she needs it NOW!  What really pisses her off is if I walk by her without acknowledging the fact that she’s screaming…oh boy does that bring on a whole new level of fit-throwing!

Back to the job thing…I’m getting less and less hopeful by the day that I will have a job before Christmas.  And even if I do get a job before Christmas I probably won’t work long enough to get a decent paycheck in time to buy anything with it. UGH!

I was given permission to use our walmart credit card to buy gifts.  And by gosh I’m doing a pretty good job!  Nieces and nephews are all taken care of as of yesterday!  It felt so good to cross 7 people off my list at one time!  However, due to budgeting I won’t have more money to spend until Dec. 11.  Hopefully I’ll be able to find the rest of the stuff I need in the store because I don’t think that will give enough time for the stuff to ship!  Which reminds me that I need to go to walmart to pick up some things that I had shipped site to store.

Speaking of shopping, I need to go to the store to get ingredients for the desserts I’m making for Thanksgiving.  We are going to Jacob’s family Thanksgiving this year since we went to mine last year.  We will be going to mine afterwards…not sure how many people will still be there, but it’s at my parents’ house so we’ll get to see them at least.