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#CoraDay July 29, 2010

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Tomorrow is Wear Pink for #Cora day!  This month I actually got off my rear and figured out my good deed.  I didn’t get as much accomplished as I had planned, but in the end, every little bit counts!

This month my good deed involves Doing Good in Her Name.  Kristin’s blog touched my heart when I first started following it.  I’m not sure how I even stumbled upon it in the first place.  Kristin and Andrew Binder had a perfectly normal pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  When their beautiful daughter Peyton Elizabeth was born, they found out she had leukemia.  I didn’t know that babies could be born with leukemia.  But she was a fighter!  Did you know they can give babies that small chemotherapy?  I didn’t. 

Her fight was valiant, but the battle was too great. Only a small percentage of children born with ALL live to see their third birthday. Sadly, on October 2, 2008, at just 28 days old, Infant Leukemia made Peyton an angel.
I know you’re wondering how this ties back to Kristine and Cora.  After Peyton’s death, Kristin and Andrew made it their mission to spread the love and do what they could for other parents who were in their situation.
  During Peyton’s life, we were the recipients of many acts of kindness. Wanting to pay that kindness forward, we started Doing Good In Her Name In November of 2010, an initiative focused on honoring the memory of our little warrior, Peyton Elizabeth, by assisting other critically ill infants and their families.
So, this month in memory of Cora, I crocheted hats for Doing Good In Her Name to donate to the Children’s Hospital.  When Lexi was in the NICU hats were such an important thing for her!  I know some little ones will benefit from these hats, and they were all made with love!
This is the card I put inside each bag:
Here are all the hats:


Here they are all packaged up (each one was washed and sealed in a ziploc baggy to stay clean):

And here they are in the box.  I threw in some Zanybandz for the older kids:


CHD Awareness Week February 7, 2010

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Starts today!
CHD is Congenital Heart Disease. Here’s a great website that explains it.

I’ve talked about Kristine Brite before. She’s the one that drew my attention to CHD. It’s the #1 killer of babies.
Anyone can have a baby with a heart defect. You may not know you have a heart defect until adulthood. But, Kristine lost her sweet baby Cora at only 5 days old.
There are several easy tests that can be done shortly after birth to detect CHD. The easiest being a simply pulse-ox test between 24-48 hours. Simple, non-invasive, and saves lives!

Read Cora’s Story. You will learn so much! And spread the word about CHD!