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Baby Product Reviews November 18, 2009

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This is just a list of a few things that I couldn’t have lived without.  And some things I did live without, but wished I would have had!  And a few things I think aren’t necessary!  Most of these are 0-6 month products.  I’ll post later on 6 months and up!

Germ-x: Everyone should have a big dispenser right by the front door.  Those first few days with people coming in and out, you will definately want them to use it before touching the baby!


Microwave bottle sterilizer:  It’s so much easier than boiling everything in a big pot of water!




If you plan on using a pack n play with the bassinet for the baby to sleep in while staying in your room I recommend getting one with the changing table on it.  We had one and it made night time diaper changes so much easier.  We didn’t have to take her to the nursery every time we needed to change her diaper.  We never used a co-sleeper because our bed isn’t big enough to fit one in between us and I didn’t want her to get used to sleeping with us.  But, I’ve seen some pretty nice ones out there.  I would definately recommend looking for one with high sides (some even have night lights on them) that will be safe for being in your bed!

Some kind of sling or carrier.  I never found one that I really loved.  The one sling I bought I didn’t like because when I put her in it she was completely enclosed so I couldn’t see her.  We used the backpack type carrier for her at the grocery store when she was smaller because she didn’t like the carseat at all.

Cloth Diapers: Just to use them for burp rags!  We went through tons of burp rags when Lexi first came home from the hospital.  I ended up having to go buy more so I wouldn’t have to do laundry every day.  I prefer the single layer ones, the other thicker ones don’t fold up as good and take up more room in the dresser.  My mom still has cloth diapers that she uses for dusting…so you will ALWAYS be able to use them!

The whole carseat/travel system thing.  I LOVE the fact that the carseat snaps onto the base in the car and you don’t have to fumble with the seatbelt every time.  And it hooks onto the stroller so easy!  I definately recommend them!

I’ve heard a lot of people say they didn’t use their changing table.  I got one that has dresser drawers on it.  And we got it with the intention that after she’s outgrown it she can just use the top part like a shelf, for a tv or something like that, just remove the changing pad.  I probably wouldn’t use it very much if it didn’t serve that purpose in her room. 

We bought pack n play sheets, but they barely fit the pack n play.  Right now I use them to put over her bouncy seat because it’s easier to pull it off and wash it than taking the whole cover off.

Bouncy Seat: Lexi has never really LOVED her seat.  She would sit in it for a while when she was smaller, but she would end up slouching down and getting uncomfortable in it.  She would much rather lay on a blanket on the floor than sit in that.

I don’t recommend buying a lot of bottles or pacifiers until after the baby is born.  I know that seems stupid.  But, I have so many bottles and pacifiers that Lexi never used.  She got used to the Soothie pacifier in the NICU so that’s what she always prefered to use.  She had a lot of trouble eating when she was smaller so we found Gerber bottles with preemie nipples on them.  She used them for the longest time, and still prefers just a plain old Gerber nipple to anything else.  I had already bought and sterilized Soothie and Nuk bottles that she wouldn’t ever use!

Swing: Lexi spent a few nights and days where she was only happy in the swing.  But thank goodness it was given to me and I didn’t have to pay for it, because it has spent much more time just taking up room in the nursery or the living room! 

We used the baby monitor a handful of times when she would nap in the bedroom during the day and we wanted to have the door shut not to disturb her.  I tried to use it when she first moved into the nursery to sleep at night, but it made the most awful background noise.  We can hear her just fine from our bedroom so We don’t need it. 

We never bought a diaper genie.  My brother and SIL have one and it seemed like a pain in the ass.  I would much rather just have a trash can with a lid.  Lately I’ve started putting the poop diapers in walmart sacks to keep the smell down some.

Boppy: Lexi slept propped up in hers for months…pretty much until she figured out she could scooch out of it.  But, it was practically the only way she would sleep.  I guess tucked down inside there she still felt like she was being held.



I bought the “crib soother” thing that hooks on the crib and has a light, plays music, heartbeat, nature sounds, etc.  It also has an attachment you hook underneath the mattress that vibrates.  But, that was never soothing for Lexi, so it has hardly ever been used.  Same thing for the music and vibrations on the bouncy seat…hardly ever used it.

I don’t have a single changing pad cover.  Crib sheets work perfectly.  They are a little big, but I just tuck the extra fabric under the pad and it works fine. 

Lots of crib sheets, receiving blankets, sleepers, onesies.  I’m sure you will get stuff like this at your baby shower.  But, it’s worth mentioning.  You don’t want to run out of those things.  I personally don’t know why they call sleepers “sleep and plays” because I never let Lexi hang out in hers all day.  It’s annoying to have to unbutton all those buttons!  The ones with zippers are a little better, but still not as easy as a onesie!

Wipes Warmer:  I hated mine!  Maybe it was just the brand I bought, but it dried out the bottom 1/3 of the package of wipes and the very bottom ones were even scorched-looking.  I even tried putting some bottled water in the bottom of it, and they still dried out.



Some kind of diaper rash cream.  Jacob’s grandma swears by Buttpaste…but it didn’t really work for Lexi.  The best thing was just plain ole Desitin.  I do like the “creamy” version more than the original. 

Night time baby bath and lotion.  The first few times we used this with Lexi she fell asleep before even finishing a bottle she was so relaxed!




Diaper Bag:  Really anything will do!  Mine kinda folds in on itself, so I wish I would have gotten something with sturdier sides.

That’s all I can think of for now.  If I think of anything else I’ll add it to the list!

edit: I came back and added pics, hopefully they help you to know what I’m talking about.