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Mamavation Monday 10/4/10 October 4, 2010

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Weight:  203…that’s down .6 I think from last week.

I got on the treadmill 3 times last week.  Jogging and then speeding it up to running until I almost roll off the back of the treadmill!  I started the first day at 1/2 mile.  I’ve tried to do a little more each time since then.  Yesterday, which technically isn’t  last week…I got up to .66 mile.  Still trying to do a little at a time so I don’t burn myself out.

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And a BIG congratulations to Shelley of @Momma_Oz for being the Sista of the Week! Give her props on twitter girls!!!! The Sista of the Week will receive an EA SPORTS Active “More Workouts” for the honor.

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In other news:

I had a job interview today.  They had 1 other interview to do today and hopefully I hear good news tomorrow.  It will be full time starting out and may go part time after about a month.  But, right now I can’t be picky.  Our finances are leveling out since moving in with my parents, and technically we could make it without me having a job…but that’s not helping us put money into savings and moving towards our goal of buying a house. 

Living with my parents is going great.  It does get boring with just me and Lexi here by ourselves until around 6:00 every night.  But, I’m making the best of it.  I’m trying to cook, clean, do dishes, laundry, etc…to help pay for the fact that we’re staying here.  It is nice that there is pretty much always someone there to help out with Lexi.  But, at the same time I’m trying not to abuse the fact that there’s always someone there!


12 Responses to “Mamavation Monday 10/4/10”

  1. randomrebecca Says:

    Good luck with the job interview! Let us know how it goes.

    That’s the way to start… a little at a time. I started at a half a mile, and now a 3 mile walk is EASY for me. I like the idea of being on a treadmill, where you know exactly how far you’ve gone, and how far you’ve increased everything.

    Looking forward to hearing more!

  2. I am so proud of you! SLow and steady wins the race… and you are doing exactly what you should be doing. You are getting out there and DOING IT!! That is half the battle!! *hugs*

    ALso, way to go with the 5lb weightloss with Mamavation (and 0.6lbs this week!)

    All that treadmill running is paying off! *wink*

  3. Whoot! Way to work up that speed girl. You Rock for that. Keep challenging yourself. If you feel pain back off and mix it up with something else. Don’t be afraid to make your body to different things.

  4. Keep up the wonderful work! You are definitely moving in the right direction.

    I also wanted to commend you for living with your parents. I think it is wonderful that you are able to have the support to help you meet your family’s goals.

  5. lorrie Says:

    way to go on the workouts great job to you and i hope you get the job you deserve it

  6. Amanda @beeacutie2 Says:

    wtg on your workouts and good luck on teh job I know ou will do great!

  7. Good luck on your job interview and congrats on your loss! Any loss is to be celebrated so rock on girl!

  8. Fingers crossed for the job!

    Great work with the treadmill. Slow and steady is exactly the way to do it. Burnout stinks! Slow progression rocks!

  9. Shelley Says:

    GOOD LUCK on the interview! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for ya! It’s great that you have the support of your family…

    WOO HOO to that .6 lb loss – What a great validation that you are doing the right things!!! I’m so proud of you 🙂

  10. Rachel Says:

    I hope you received good news about the job interview!

    And, congrats on keeping up with the treadmill! That’s a huge and wonderful accomplishment. 🙂

  11. pauline Says:

    Hi! I had my mom and sister living with me for the first 3 years of buttercup’s life. she is almost 3.5 now and I am just now adjusting to being on my own as a mom. it’s tough! but it is so nice to have help and family around. Great job on the treadmill and the weight loss!

  12. kia Says:

    Good luck with the interview and congrats on being down .6 pounds!

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