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mamavation July 25, 2010

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I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets lately with the hashtag #mamavation.  I wanted to know what this was all about, so I headed over to their website

Their tagline is “Bookieboo moms making lasting changes.” is a fitness hangout for moms.  Basically a place where moms can go to talk about their weightloss journey, and get support and friendship from women just like them!

I don’t know if they will read this before issuing an invitation but I’m going to go over some of my goals.

  • drink more water.  Right now I drink a ton of Coke Zero.  Not as bad as regular coke, but I drink way to much.
  • jog/walk daily.  Since I did that 5k I have done a lot better.  I’m still lazy though.  My time to work out is after Lexi goes to bed at night, and it’s so easy to put her to bed and fall in bed myself.  So my initial goal is going to be to jog/walk a mile every day.
  • Choose better foods.  Especially with snacks, I have no discipline.  I try to cook semi-healthy meals, and have portion control.  But, when it comes to snacking, nothing is off limits for me.
  • More veggies/fruits  This goes with the choosing better foods.  But, I think it needs to be a seperate goal.

So, there it is.  The things that I want motivation and support to help me accomplish!


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