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July 4, 2010

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Let that super cute picture of Lexi serve as an apology for me dropping off the face of the earth for a while.
I’m still trying to figure out how to balance work, wife, mom.
I love my job! It’s so crazy to finally have a job that I love….and that I actually get up and go to even when I’m sick.

We had girls day out yesterday. Me, Lexi, my mom, and my sisters. We went to the mall and walked around. Lexi rode the carousel for the first time, and loved it! She was kicking her feet like she was telling the horse to go faster! Then, she got her ears pierced. We have been wanting to do it since she was really tiny, but honestly we don’t hardly ever go to the mall. So, I decided yesterday was going to be the day. She did awesome! I think she was more upset that I was holding her arms down and the lady had a hold of her ear than she was about the actual procedure. She let out a good loud scream though. But, by the time we walked out of the store and to the chairs to sit down, she was totally over it! I was kinda scared her daddy would be upset, but he loves them!

Me, Lisa, Kristin, and Zach ran a 5k yesterday morning. It was me and Kristin’s very first time. And I’m pretty sure we both fell in love! We’re hoping to get motivated to run during the week, and then do more races with Lisa and Zach (the professionals)! Honestly, I got huge blisters on my feet before we were even halfway done. And my legs hurt like a mo-fo today. But, I’m sitting here in bed wide awake at 3am wondering where I can go to jog! One thing that holds me back is that Jacob is the one that spends the majority of alone time with Lexi. He gets her up and ready in the morning, and then he picks her up at 5 after work. I don’t get home ’til around six, and then I have to cook dinner. So, he has her by himself that whole time, so I don’t want to just up and go out for a jog. I mentioned to Jacob’s Aunt Michelle that I need a jogging stroller. She said she has one she can give me! That would be awesome, ’cause then I could just take Lexi running with me. And I honestly think that she would love it!
THat’s all that’s up with me! I hope everyonhe has a safe holiday weekend!


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