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Alexia’s Birth Story April 13, 2010

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I’ve been thinking about my birth experience a lot lately. I feel like I missed out on so much, and there’s so much I can’t remember…stupid ambien! Anyways, I thought I would copy it over here from my other blog.

May 2, 2009 7:00pm-They put me on the monitor for an hour to watch Alexia. She was doing great. When the nurse came and took the monitor off she said I had 1 contraction. I had felt it, but it wasn’t anything major!
11:30pm-They came and gave me my ambien!
11:40pm-Came in to check my BP 172/117! The nurse said she was going to call the dr. and would let me know what she said. She came back and told me they were moving me to a labor/delivery room. I started calling Jacob, my sisters, and mom to let them know what was going on. I still thought that it would be a while though. Once I got down to the labor/delivery room they started to check me for dilation. She asked when I was last checked…Monday, I was a fingertip. She proceeds to tell me I’m 5-6 cm dilated! Wow, this is going to happen a lot sooner than I thought! She went to call the dr. and let her know and call the anesthesiologist to come down to do my epidural. Everyone started to get there. Only 3 people could come back at a time, so everyone kinda took turns letting me know they were there and then Jacob, Mom, and Sheila settled in for the long haul! They came and did my epidural, which wasn’t near as bad as what I expected it to be! The hardest part was crunching over, since I’m so short and so pregnant, and there’s nowhere for my belly to go. The nurse was really great although because of the ambien I can’t even remember her name! After the epidural it gets a little foggy! I recommend everyone take ambien during delivery! I was the most comfortable I had been in a long time! So, I drifted in and out of sleep for the next 5 hours! At 5:00 am they told me I was 8-9 cm and could start pushing. If you would have asked me, I would not have told you it was 5:00am. It felt like I had just been down there a few minutes! I could feel the contractions just enough to know when to push. I got in 3 good pushes per contraction…I felt like I could do more but apparently my face was purple from not breathing! They put the oxygen mask on me towards the end. At 5:36 am Alexia Rosemay arrived! She was 5lb 5oz and 17 ¾ long. She is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
I guess after delivery my temp dropped pretty low and they were concerned about that. My reflexes were also doing something weird, either way too reactive, or not reactive enough, I don’t really remember.
After they brought me back to the postpartum room they put me on an IV of magnesium sulfate for my BP, and IV fluids. They came in to check on me and take me to the bathroom (they took the catheter out right before I delivered.) I felt like I could walk to the bathroom, but made it there and almost passed out. Everything started to box in and I felt like I couldn’t hear. So, they wheeled me back to bed. I guess it was from the magnesium. So from then on they let me use the bedside chair. It was all I could do throughout the night to get out of bed and use that. I felt like my legs were jello. They came in every 2 hours to check my BP and reflexes. I tried to stay awake as long as I could during the day while my family was here, but it felt like I just couldn’t hold my eyes opened. I slept really well considering a felt like crap. They came in at 5:30 and took me off the magnesium. Within a couple of hours I felt so much better. They won’t take the heplock completely out until 24 hrs later though.


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