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It’s been a while March 19, 2010

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Where do I even begin? Lexi is almost 11 months old!
She got RSV a few weeks ago. She looked and felt awful. We spent 2 nights in the recliner because she refused to sleep anywhere other than my arms. I’m glad I could give her that comfort. Since then she’s decided she only wants to be put to bed on her belly, and in the past few days has started pushing her little bottom up in the air. It’s so stinking cute!
Last weekend was her first weekend away from DH and I. She went to her Nana, Papaw, and Aunt Twila’s house. From everything I heard, she had a really great time and was well-behaved.
We’ve had a few nice days this week, so I’ve taken Lexi outside for a while. She likes to walk barefoot in the grass and today we picked flowers! Summer is going to be so fun. We’re going to need to get a little swimming pool for her to play in!
So far she still hasn’t gotten all the way up on her hands and knees to crawl…but she sure gets around! I put all her toys in a neat pile, and within 10 minutes they are scattered all over the living room.
It’s been about a month since I’ve been next door to visit my niece and nephews. I miss them, but I am still very upset by things my SIL has said about Lexi. She always makes it a point to talk about how she’s not crawling yet, and how her kids crawled way before this. I understand that everyone thinks their own kids are the greatest…but she pushes it to the extreme. Her and my brother also made it a point to tell us that if we were more involved in church then I wouldn’t have had my “episode.” I don’t disagree that God can help every situation. But, I also believe that we have modern medicine for a reason, and there’s no sense in me trying to fix a problem myself when there is help available.
I’m busy planning Lexi’s first birthday. We have decided to do a Backyardigan’s theme since she loves that show so much.
Well, I guess that’s a quick update, as there isn’t really anything exciting going on here!


4 Responses to “It’s been a while”

  1. Lin Says:

    She is the prettiest little girl! I cant believe your brother & SIL are saying things like that. For them to insinuate that you’re being punished with “episodes” because you’re not as involved in church is unbelievable. I’m sorry you’re going through that but definitely dont let it get you down. I love the Backyardigans, they’re so cute & I’m sure her 1st birthdays going to be fun-tastic!

  2. Kids crawl on their own schedule. She’s exploring and learning and developing from everything you’ve said. She’s such a cutie. I love your I love you post, too.

  3. Tabitha Says:

    Lily isn’t crawling yet either! She gets around the room-she scoots backwards on her belly, but she is not crawling, and her and Lexi are about the same age. They will crawl when they feel like it. πŸ™‚

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