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a better mom February 18, 2010

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I just spent at least 2 hours reading a blog. It’s a mommy blog. Not the funny, listen to what my kid did, kind of blog. This woman truly loves her family with her whole heart. It makes me sad that I haven’t enjoyed Lexi’s 9 months as much as I should have. I haven’t helped Lexi to enjoy her 9 months like I should have. I get too worked up and too stressed out to enjoy everything. But, looking at the pictures of this woman’s beautiful brand new baby girl makes me long to have those days to do over again. I guess if there was something I could do over again it would be to just enjoy her more. Snuggle with her more. I know those snuggle times are quickly fading. Soon, my baby girl will be on the move and won’t want to sit on mama’s lap.
But, through all our struggles and hard times…I love her with everything I have. I can’t imagine life without her, and often fear that she will be taken from me because I don’t deserve her. It feels like she’s been here forever, but it feels like 9 months have gone by so fast.
Lexi, I’m sorry that I haven’t been the best mama. I’m sorry that I get stressed out when you’re upset and I can’t figure out how to help you. I love you! You are my everything!


5 Responses to “a better mom”

  1. Tabitha Says:

    You are a great mom! Don’t compare yourself to others-there is always someone out there that does more, does things differently… Don’t stress about what you haven’t done-Mommy guilt is the worst-I have it all the time, especially when I think back on how I was when my oldest was a baby. Don’t focus on could haves or should haves. Just concentrate on making each day from now on the kind of day you want! Lexi is lucky to have a mommy who cares so much! 🙂

  2. Lin Says:

    I’m not a mom yet but I know that moms have it hard sometimes & it’s not easy to deal with everything life throws at you & a crying baby. I’m sure your a fantastic mom & what matters is that your willing to be an even better one for your daughter…good for you!

    I found your blog through The Whiney Mommys’ linky 🙂

  3. Chelle Says:

    I totally get it hun. I find myself feeling that way sometimes, too. I think we all do at some point or another. Just know that you are a wonderful mom!


  4. Don’t worry…You’ve been a great mom!! We all get stressed out and we all take the little moments for granted, but that’s just part of the deal. It doesn’t mean that you love your baby any less…you are just admitting that you are normal and human and if more moms would be as honest as you then you wouldn’t be feeling like you failed in some way!!

  5. I agree with the commenter above- don’t be so hard on yourself! A blog presents what people choose to present- and even if it’s all sunshine from some, every mom has struggles. There is never a perfect week, it just doesn’t happen. Sometimes life makes us tired- but that doesn’t mean we don’t love our kids! It means they should nap more so we can- no, no kidding. (mostly).

    Hang in there and know your daughter is lucky to have a mommy who thinks about these things- and her!

    Visiting you from Chelle (The Winey Mommy)!

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