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Diapers: Generic vs. Name Brand January 3, 2010

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In the world of diapers the choices seem overwhelming. It seems like diaper aisles are getting bigger and bigger…this week we noticed that Target has 2 aisles devoted to diapers and wipes! We’ve tried everything under the sun when it comes to diapers.

When Lexi first came home from the hospital we used Huggies for 2 reasons. 1: They had a preemie size. 2: The umbilical cord cut-out was bigger than Pampers. I guess a 3rd reason would be that Huggies have a Winnie the Pooh theme! We used Huggies for quite a while. We used Pampers that we had been given, or when we had a good coupon for them.
The big difference between Huggies and Pampers is the way they feel. Pampers have the “Baby Soft” texture, so they almost have a cotton feel on the outside. In our area Huggies and Pampers cost the same amount, so really it was just a matter of choice on which one we wanted to use.
We had gotten a package of Luv’s at the shower. After using them for a whole 2 days Lexi had the worst rash imaginable and we vowed to never use them again.
After we went through all the diapers from the shower and what we had bought with coupons we began the search for cheaper alternatives.
A family member had told us the Babies R Us brand of diapers were really good, and they had a “Sensitive” version to be on the safe side. Thankfully we only bought the small package because as soon as I opened them, I knew they weren’t going to work for us. Those diapers were like cardboard! I couldn’t believe how hard they were! Moving on…
I think next was the Walmart brand “Parent’s Choice.” These worked pretty well for us. They are almost as soft as the Pampers. We did have some leakage issues overnight, but overall they were a good buy.
Currently we are using the Target brand “Up and Up.” They are a little bit more stiff than the Paren’ts Choice. Probably comparable to Huggies. They have, on occassion, leaked at night. We get Target coupons in the mail, so that helps make our decision whether to buy Parent’s Choice or Up and Up.
I never had the smell issue, with any of the diapers, that I’ve heard people talk about. I’ve heard people say that Huggies smell really bad when wet, but I never noticed it. The only leakage we have ever had has been overnight, even with the store-brand diapers.
I am a believer in the store-brand alternatives!


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  1. walmart is a great diaper!

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