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from nutramigen to other formula December 29, 2009

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I’m not a dr. So don’t take this as medical advice. This is just what I found worked best for us.

At Lexi’s 6 month appt. her pediatrician told us she was probably ready to switch from Nutramigen back to a regular formula. We chose the Goodstart in the green can because it seemed to be the closest to Nutramigen. At first I was giving her 1 bottle of Goodstart per day for about a week, and then started increasing it to 2 bottles per day, etc. She seemed to be tolerating it ok, but then hit a really rough patch and it seemed like she was back to having colic. So, we switched completely back to Nutramigen. After a few days I started giving her half and half. One scoop of Nutramigen one scoop of Goodstart a few times a day, and gradually increased it until she was getting that for every feeding. I then gradually switched over to all Goodstart with no Nutramigen. It’s been a few weeks since we made the complete switch and she’s doing great! Hopefully something like that will work for you!


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