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Christmas Eve Eve December 23, 2009

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Several years ago my sisters, cousins, and I started a Christmas Eve Eve tradition. We are a very close family and all the cousins were very close growing up. Now that we’re all growing up and going our own ways we don’t get to spend as much time together as we would like. This day helps bring us back together for the holidays. The first few years were celebrated with some kind of craft. We did ornaments, stockings, shirts, and cookies. Running out of crafts we started doing Murder Mystery Parties! This year we the holidays snuck up on us and we ran out of time to order a new Murder Mystery game. So tonight we will go out to eat, play games, watch TV, and just have fun together. One of the best things is that we will all crash here when the night is done, and when we wake up it will be Christmas Eve! I love my family!


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