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Nutramigen Review December 2, 2009

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I’m going to try out doing a review of sorts. I figure what better place to start than with something that I KNOW made a huge difference in our lives. Wow, that sounds so, life-changing. But really, it made a huge difference in Lexi’s temperment, therefore made a huge difference in the way I felt also!

Of course the first step when we thought Lexi had colic was to call her pediatrician. He suggested that we try a soy based formula for a while to see how that helped. We immediately switched. At first we thought the soy was going to make a difference…but I think it was just the stars aligning that Lexi had a good day at the same time as we were switching formula. Because within the week we were back to the same old unhappy baby. We knew (because we had already discussed it with the pediatrician) that the next step would be Nutramigen. The difference between Nutramigen and a regular formula is that it is specifically formulated for when a protein allergy is suspected, not a milk allergy…hence trying the soy formula first.

The easiest way for me to describe how Nutramigen is different, or why it works is simply by saying that it is broken down more. Specifically the protein particles are broken down more. To me it was obvious just by opening that first can of Nutramigen that it was different. The powder is much finer than regular formulas. It just makes sense that it’s broken down further. I would say within a few days we could tell a major difference in Lexi.

There are some negatives about Nutramigen. The number one thing is the price. You will pay more for it…but really, what is your baby’s happiness worth? Not just happiness, but the fact that your baby can possibly be pain free after using this! Thankfully WIC paid for ours. All we had to do was have the pediatrician sign a statement saying that Nutramigen was necessary for our baby, and it was approved. After price, the biggest thing I’ve heard people talk about is the smell. My mother-in-law described it as Saltine crackers. And it does kinda smell like that. I even read on one forum where a lady refused to give it to her baby because it smelled so bad, and she couldn’t imagine how it would taste, so there was no way she was going to MAKE her baby eat it. In my opinion, I don’t think any infant formula is going to taste/smell too well, so that doesn’t mean a lot to me. The third thing…and this may just be a random thing that happened to us…when we started Nutramigen, up to the point to where Lexi was eating 2-3 baby food meals a day, she NEVER had a solid bowel movement. Not even almost solid. It was always runny and gross. I just attributed it to the fact that the formula was broken down more so it was easier to digest and “came out” easier. Who knows. The 4th thing is that the formula, after you mix it, starts to separate pretty quickly. It looks really gross once it starts doing it…but I guess it’s a good indicator of when you need to make a fresh bottle.
2 things that are different about Nutramigen and other formula: You pack the scoops of Nutramigen, not just get a loose scoop like with other formula. Also on the can of Nutramigen with Enflora (added for immune support) it says that you shouldn’t heat the formula.

Even now at 7 months old Lexi is still on Nutramigen. WIC switched her back to goodstart at 6 months, but we had quite a bit left over from previous months. We tried to switch her over to the goodstart and it was like we were back to having colic again. I’m currently trying to do 1 scoop of Nutramigen and 1 scoop of goodstart in each bottle to see how she will transition that way.

I hope you found this review helpful! Leave me a comment if it helped or if you think I left anything out!


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